Sidney crosby dating anyone

06-Dec-2016 23:57

I have had more than a few people suggest to me that quite possibly what so much effort is being made to hide is that Sidney Crosby is a homosexual.

There are no end to the number of pages and posts on the Internet claiming that he is a homosexual.

A new campaign is using a shocked look from NHL star Sidney Crosby to make a point about how female athletes are covered in the media.

A Youtube video from the #Cover The Athlete campaign splices together reaction shots from male athletes with questions that female athletes have actually been asked by interviewers. The makers of the video adapted questions asked of female athletes to fit existing news clips of male athletes like Crosby, "in order to show how ridiculous it is that female athletes are asked these questions." "Can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit?

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Think about any time you’ve attended a party or the work function of someone you’re dating and you had to talk to their co-workers. “Oh, you want to buy a boat but the dock fees aren’t tax deductible and you’re considering adding Torrey Smith because it’s Odell Beckham’s bye week and ZZZZZZZZZZ.” This makes a lot of sense.

INDIANAPOLIS—Saying they were left with no other choice given the imminent peril of the situation, World Wrestling Entertainment officials confirmed they were forced to kill one of their own stars Friday when a 7-year-old boy wandered into the steel cage enclosure of an aggressive wrestler.