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The series first aired November 11, 2014, with an hour-long pilot.

The series began its regular schedule on June 6, 2015, with the third episode, after the second episode aired on May 30, 2015, as a "sneak preview".

- If sexual aspects are mentioned at all (it is possible to write an excellent and fascinating story without them!

) they are not to be too explicit or take up a lot of room.

A good story has to fulfil the following points: -No participant is harmed physically or emotionnaly (that includes humiliation).

-All participants express their consent to be included in the event.

Not to be confused with the South African town of the same name (Adams and Lloyd mostly used actual place names for their words).

Note: In order to unlock the final missions in the story line, it is necessary to buy at least six asset properties, one of which must be the Print Works, and complete their respective missions.

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Along with the list and help from their guidance counselor, they make it through the highs and the lows of middle school.Not that this is not always a bad thing: Often the dated vision of the future is a lot more imaginative than anything being attempted today, with more modern, "realistic" depictions striking viewers as bland and boring precisely because of the authenticity. In the first song, "Trans-Island Skyway", the narrator tells us he is about to embark on a journey in his new dream-car, a custom-tooled Kamakiri.Gets its name and definition from a book of neologisms concocted by the two. Compare The Aesthetics of Technology, Crystal Spires and Togas, I Want My Jet Pack, Hollywood History, Punk Punk, Steam Never Dies, Schizo Tech, Science Marches On, 20 Minutes into the Future, Raygun Gothic, and Retro Universe. When the creators actually predict what the future holds Note: The songs on this album represent certain fantasies that might have been entertained by a young man growing up in the remote suburbs of a northeastern city during the late fifties and early sixties, i.e., one of my general height, weight and build. It's built for the new century: steam-driven, with a self-contained vegetable garden and a radio link with the Tripstar routing satellite.To recevie our catalog, or to search our extensive data base, and/or to order your Midi Hits, click [here].

Have you been tied up by your roommates, girlfriend/boyfriend, or during hazing or a sports team initation? New posters: please remember that most visitors prefer this site for the (relative) innocence of the stories.Sometimes the dated feeling is due to the blatant extrapolation of trends ascendant when the work was written into the far future. It's possible that the prediction turned out to be technologically or aesthetically correct (or at least on the right track), but the prediction still fails because of the would-be prophet's implicit assumption that social values will be the same in the future as in his or her own time (as demonstrated in the page image).