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The information shown here is a reporting of information included in the company's proxy statement.The proxy statement includes footnotes and explanations of this information plus other information that is pertinent in assessing the overall value and appropriateness of the compensation information. HEAD OFFICE: Chicago; branches in principal cities of the West and in New York, London and Buenos Aires.

      Late 1950s address: Fairbanks-Morse Bldg.       The company is still in business today manufacturing diesel and dual-fuel engines for industry.You may also find the annual proxy statement by going directly to the company's website. The proxy must be sent to every shareholder in advance of the company's annual shareholders meeting.A proxy statement (or "proxy") is a form that every publicly traded U. All proxy statements are public filings made available to the general public by the SEC.For those interested in conducting a detailed compensation analysis, we recommend that you review the entire proxy statement.

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You may retrieve the full proxy statement by going to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website at gov and entering the company's name and then looking in the first column for an entry of "Form DEF 14A" (or any similar code). Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) within 120 days after the end of its fiscal year.Fairbanks-Morse 32-14 engine " data-medium-file="https://oldmachinepress.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/fairbanks-morse-32-14-engine.jpg? w=375" data-large-file="https://oldmachinepress.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/fairbanks-morse-32-14-engine.jpg? w=625" / By William Pearce In June of 1832, Thaddeus Fairbanks patented the platform scale which would be the foundation of Fairbanks & Company.