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Therefore, the composition of food products varies according to the amount of protein, fat, salt and other compounds present.

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Common Allergenic Pollens, Fungi, Animals and Arthropods (CRAI 2001 Publication) This is a survey of the different kinds of organisms that are responsible for causing allergy.

Handling new food types When we receive or encounter a new food type that has not been tested before, we undertake a spike recovery validation to ensure it works as expected with our test kits.

Intensive Nutrition is dedicated to providing its clients with the most bioavailable and hypoallergenic products available.

Allergen Stability, Compatibility and Cross-Reactivity (ACAAI 2001 Poster)The usefulness of allergenic extracts in an allergy clinic can be affected by several important properties, and these are addressed in this study.

Lack of Demonstrable Immunochemical Cross-Reactivities Between Alternaria and Cladosporium Extracts (ACAAI 2009 Oral) Although the major allergens of these genera exhibit similar biochemical properties, it was found that patients from various regions of the US did not recognize these two genera as cross-reactive when tested by both in vivo and in vitro methods.

Hypoallergenicity refers to the absence of the most common food allergens in the human diet.